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Why choose Celebistaan ?

We have worked on 1000+ Films, Music Videos, Photoshoots, Events and done Brand Promotions and campaigns for major Brands.
We have 5+ Years of experience in Managing various Social Media Mega Influencers and Bollywood Celebrities.
We help Brands get popuplar and reach potential customers with our Highly Reliable Global Influencer Network.
We connect Brands with top influencers in different categories like lifestyle, health, fashion, food, entertainment and travel etc.
We help Brands engage with audience in different cities across India through our top micro, macro and mega influencers.
We work on quality of content, engagement rates and analytics before curating the list of influencers for the campaign.

Who we are?

A Celebrity Management Company. We have a huge Network of Instagram and YouTube Influencers who can cater to the promotional requirements of the Brands, Films, Music Videos, Events etc.

Check out our consistently growing Influencer Network

Founder's Message

Hi, I am Pratik Gaur, Founder and CEO of Celebistaan
We manage YouTube and Instagram Influencers.
We help them to grow their Followership, Get Famous, and Earn Money under Professional Guidance.
We connect with Brands and get interesting opportunities like Photoshoots, Events, Brand Promotions, Casting in Music Videos etc. for the influences to Create and Grow their Social Media Presence.
We aspire to be known as the Best Organisation for being the medium, which is easily Accessible, Affordable, Trustworthy and gives the Most Satisfying Results to the Brands and Influencers.

Celebrity Management

Stars managed by Pratik Gaur in past and at present

Music Videos

Stars in these Music videos are casted by Pratik Gaur

Contact Us

B 174, 2nd floor, Kanchan Kunj, Madanpur, New Delhi - 110076

Email: info@celebistaan.com

Phone: 8587899840
Whatsapp: 8587899840

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